J Glenn Taylor


Im interested in layers of patterns. Hidden things in the obvious. In some ways I suppose, I really like the idea of the way we view Rothko’s work. The viewer is to be more meditative. Present, requiring more of a gazing of the imagery than an emotional response.

“Balanced anger, Even sadness, Solid love”

I am invested in the moments when ideas come forward. Never as planned but as real leaps of faith. I like moments when things release themselves and the moments leading up to those moments. I like work that describes itself to me after I’ve done it, like reading tea leaves. Imbuing work with the properties of a soothsayer or oracle. truth that is revealed weather or not the viewer can see these things or hear these things. That the work contains truths visible or not. sometimes I’m just unable to get to understand what’s right in front of my face and sometimes its easy but regardless, I’m compelled or slightly obsessed with the next chapter being revealed.

++This Resume has Selected Information++


  • 1963. South Carolina


  • Primarily Self Taught
  • Museum of fine arts Houston’s Glassel School
  • Columbia College in Chicago


  • August 2011. SPRUILL GALLERY: Emerging Artists Show EA11 ( Rex Brodie , Seth Keaveny, Hatidza Mulic, Iman Person, An Pham, Ashley Schick, Jeff Taylor ) . Atlanta Georgia
  • November 2009. EYEDRUM: Group Exhibition.(Daniel Biddy, Truett Dietz, Eggtooth, Edie G, Alicia Griswold, Andy Imm, Harold McNaron, Sara Shelton, Erika Simmons, Jeff Taylor, Stan Woodard ) Atlanta, Georgia.
  • September 1997. INSIDE ART GALLERY:Chicago, Illinois.
  • November 1996. ENID OKLA HOMA GALLERY: Group Exhibition. Chicago, Illinois.
  • November 1994. MULLAHEY GALLERY: Group Exhibition. Portland, Oregon.
  • April 1991. R.E.F. STUDIOS: The 24-hour shower, Houston, Texas.
  • March 1990. ART BEAT GALLERY: Flood of the white lady. Houston, Texas.
  • December 1989. COMMERCE STREET ARTS WAREHOUSE: (Wes Hicks, Macolm McDonald, Jeff Taylor). Houston,Texas.
  • November 1987. ON WAUGH GALLERY: Truth Conglomerated, Houston, Texas.


  • July 2014. MARIETTA/COBB MUSEUM OF ART. Metro Montage XIV: Marietta, Georgia – Juror: Rachel White – Hunter Museum of American Art
  • February 2014.SPRUILL GALLERY: It Looks Good on Paper (Paige Adair, Lauren Adams, Adrianne Anderson, Cece Bailey, Jo Baskerville, John Beadles, Ryan Benefield, Clarissa Berlioz, Vicki Bethol, Lindy Joy Blosser, Nancy Blum, Evelyn M. Breit, Philip Carpenter, William Cash, Lydia Day, Jillian Del Valle, Michael Del Valle, Linda Demars, Terri Dilling, Don Dougan, Maggie Dunn, Sally Eppstein, Sally Evans, Deanna Fleenor, Barbara S. Flexner, Mary Golding, Lih-Shiew Guo, Harriet Harris, Karen Hennessee, Ross Harrocks, Devin Hunter, Elena Ivanova, Aiclah Johnson, Jane Kerr, Daniel Lai, Tina Lawrence, Megan Levacy, Macy Ley, Carl A. Linstrum, Kathy Meliopoulos, Janice L. Metzel, Mike Monteleagre, Kyle Petersen, Rainey Rawles, Georgia Rousseau, Ashley L. Schick, Hannah Sheppard, Robert Sherer, Olga Sidilkovskaya, Corey Singletary, Steve Steinman, Jeff Taylor, Kelly Thames, Arthur D. Thayer, Yvonne Wilhelmi, Cynthia Zarrilli  ). Atlanta Georgia
  • July 2012. MARIETTA/COBB MUSEUM OF ART. Metro Montage XII: Marietta, Georgia – Juror: Geanna M. Barlaam – Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
  • November 2011. SWAN COACH HOUSE GALLERY: Little Things Mean A Lot . Atlanta Georgia
  • May 1993. MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS HOUSTON: GLASSEL SCHOOL, Student Show. Houston, Texas.


  • December 16. 2009. EYE DRUM: BurnAway – Review (link or PDF)
  • September 1997.CHICAGO TRIBUNE Metromix: Gallery Exhibition Review. Chicago, Illinois.
  • March 1990 .MONTROSE VOICE: Group Exhibition Review. Houston, Texas.
  • July 1989. PUBLIC NEWS: Group Exhibition Review. Houston, Texas.
  • November 1988.BLONDE ON BLONDE: Artist Profile. Houston, Texas.
  • January 1986. University of Houston – LAWNDALE INQUIRER: Collected Paintings & Poetry. Houston,Texas.


  • May 1993. LIQUITEX SCHOLASTIC CASH GRANT AWARD: One of Twelve in U.S.A & Mexico.
  • 1993  MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS HOUSTON, Glassel School. Scholarship. Houston, Texas.